Natural Remedies and Nutrition for Cervical and Lumbar Herniated Discs


Painful herniated discs can be helped with nutrition

Many times after an auto or work related injury or a sudden, unfamiliar movement, a parson develops neck and low back pain. If the pain persists, runs down an arm or leg or there is numbness in an arm or leg, the doctor order MRI, also known as magnetic resonance imaging, or CT scans (computerized axial tomography scans) to check for problems. Very commonly a diagnosis of a herniated or bulging disc is made. Simply put, herniated or bulging discs are distortions or displacements of the fibrous discs that separate the bones of the spine. Herniation is a further protrusion of the disc material than is bulging and with touch nerves, causing pain to travel down an arm or leg. These conditions are very common. Usual treatment starts with physical therapy, medications and osteopathic or chiropractic manipulation. If pain does not improve trigger point injections, manipulation under anesthesia, epidural injections and in a few cases, spinal surgery. Surgery is usually reserved for very severe cases.

But what can you do to help yourself? As it turns out, there’s quite a bit that you can do for yourself.

In my clinical experience, the cause of the bulging or herniated disc is both the impact from the original trauma and spasm of the muscles around the spine. Having reviewed many MRI’s and x-rays, the degree of muscle spasm seems to determine the level of pain, rather than the number or degree of injured discs. Why do the muscles go into spasm? The body’s instinct is to protect itself from further harm by holding the neck or back rigid. Normally, this spasm will release but nutrition deficiencies, bad posture, anxiety and even bad breathing habits keep the body locked into spasm.

These are things that you can do to help relieve muscle spasm:

Supplementation with Calcium and Magnesium and their co-factors, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D and vitamin K.
Most people are deficient in these nutrients. There are several reasons for the epidemic of low level malnutrition. Most of our favorite foods are highly processed and have very little nutrition.The soil used to grow conventional (i.e. not organic) fruits and vegetables is depleted of minerals. To make things worse, sugar and refined carbohydrates leads to loss of minerals. The body uses these minerals to buffer the acids in sweets and white flour.

Calcium Lactate

Superior absorption calcium supplement

Most supplements contain poorly absorbed forms of calcium and magnesium such as oxide or carbonate. Calcium Lactate and Magnesium Lactate are the best absorbed forms of these minerals. I also encourage patients to get as much minerals as they can from foods because they will contain all the necessary co-factors. Excellent dietary sources for Calcium are collard greens, sardines, black eyed peas, white beans, bone broth and diary products (the highest being ricotta cheese, yogurt, hard cheeses and milk). Be aware that calcium is poorly absorbed from skim milk.




Magnesium Lactate is absorbed best

Magnesium Lactate, the best absorbed form of Magnesium

Magnesium is harder to obtain from the diet.  Good sources of magnesium are pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, Spirulina, edamemame, raw cocoa, tofu and buckwheat (kasha). Taking magnesium  supplements is almost always necessary to correct decades of deficiency. Magnesium is important for muscle relaxation of the skeletal muscles but also of the internal muscles like the blood vessels and the respiratory systems. This is why magnesium supplements are recommended for high blood pressure and asthma as well as bone and joint issues.


Next you need vitamin D3 to help these minerals to be absorbed. Again vitamin D deficient is an epidemic because of our indoor life style, phobia of sun exposure and vitamin d rich foods are not universal favorites. Volumes can be written about the health benefits of vitamin D. It is best known for bone health but it is also important for immune system health and cancer prevention.


Unadulterated full spectrum

Cod liver oil, egg yolk and liver, though excellent sources of vitamin D sadly, are not very popular.
Salmon and swordfish are good sources and many people are willing to eat them. I also recommend Blue Ice Gold Cod Liver Oil. It is not processed, adulterated and there are no artificial vitamins added. It contains a full spectrum of naturally occurring vitamins.



cataplexF by Standard Process

cataplexF by Standard Process

Essential fatty acids are also necessary for absorption. Actually, an entire library can be written about the benefits of “good” fats. In the case of herniated disc injuries, the most improtant aspects are improving calcium absorption and reducing inflammation. Omega 3 fats act to shuttle calcium from the GI tract to be absorbed and used properly. Studies have shown that calcium is not fully absorbed from low fat dairy products. [1]


Acid blockers and antacids will prevent mineral absorption. Osteoporosis can result from acid blockers[2]. The stomach was meant to be acidic to sterilize and properly digest foods. Blocking or neutralizing acids may temporarily relieve symptoms but it does not solve the under lying problem.

And lastly, vitamin K is necessary to properly distribute the minerals after they are absorbed. We want the calcium to go into the muscles and bones, not be deposited in the walls of the blood vessels or kidneys. That’s the job of vitamin K. Defiecieny is epidemic because vitamin K rich foods are not readily available and not considered palatable by most people. Vitmain K comes from grass fed milk, brie cheese and Japanese natto.


Thorne liquid Vitamin K2 is the bio-active form and is cost effective

Natto is an incredible super food but most Americans do not like the taste. Natto has vitmain K, probiotic bactiria and the anti-inflammatory nattokinase.

Tastes are acquired. Liver, natto, brie cheese and such are actually considered delicacies by whole cultures. Natto’s taste can be enhanced by adding Thai fish sauce, tamari, chopped shiso or cilantro leaves. If an “offensive” food is eaten regularly with an open mind, tastes will change. I encourage everybody to try organic non-GMO natto as a low cost nutritional power house that keeps for weeks or months if frozen.


Natto, the superfood for vitamin K, probiotics, nattokinase and more

Beyond supplements and diet I recommend castor oil packs and rubs over the painful areas. Castor oil has unique anti-inflammatory protperies and heat always aids in relaxing stiff muscles. Heat generally should not be used in the first 72 hours of an accident or injury. But once the intense pain decreases to stiff soreness, it’s usually safe to use heat.
The pack is prepared by heating 2 – 4 ounces of preferably organic castor oil and saturating a wool or cotton flannel square. The oil soaked fabric is placed over the painful area and a non-electric heating pad applied. This can be left on as long as it is comfortable. Castor oil does stain, so cover clothing and bedding with old sheets or towels.

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*Consult your physician before taking any supplement.


[1] Am J Clin Nutr August 2000 vol. 72 no. 2 466-471

[2] FDA Drug Safety Communication: Possible increased risk of fractures of the hip, wrist, and spine with the use of proton pump inhibitors

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Dietary Cholesterol Hysteria is almost over as per USDA scientific panel


Dietary Cholesterol Limits Soon to be Removed as recommended by USDA consulting scientists

50 years of bad science will probably be reversed in the next USDA dietary guidelines.

A panel of scientific experts has met and made a recommendation to remove the daily 300 mg  cholesterol intake limit .

Except for a small minority of people, consuming cholesterol is not associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

They have also recommended that sugar intake be kept under 10% of daily calories. Another great idea.

This whole dietary cholesterol scare came from the flawed logic that cholesterol in the diet led to elevated cholesterol in the blood which may or may not lead to cholesterol deposits in the artery walls and cardiovascular disease and stroke. It is well known that that the human body actually manufactures cholesterol and it is a very useful substance, for making brain cells, stress and sex hormones, to name a few. There even seems to be a correlation between slightly elevated cholesterol and longevity. Many practitioners have not seen a relationship between cholesterol and heart disease in their own patients.

So where did the bad rap come from? It comes from oxidized cholesterol. The cholesterol molecule is fragile. So if eggs are scrambled, the yolks are exposed to air and heat and viola, the cholesterol becomes oxidized. It’s better to soft boil or lightly poach eggs to avoid oxidizing the cholesterol. It’s also a good idea to consume eggs that are organic and pasture raised so they have more nutrition and less industrial chemicals.

Same thing for bacon. Frying the fatty meat which has been cured with sugar with also lead to oxidation of the cholesterol. again it’s best to consume only meat that is organic and pasture raised.

Then there’s milk, a perfectly healthy food if it is organic, pasture raised, raw if possible and NOT homogenized. What happens when you homogenize milk? The natural cholesterol gets broken up and oxidized as it is exposed to air in the process of breaking up the fat particles. Unhomogenized milk is not as hard to find as raw milk. If a person is avoiding calories they can just skim the fat off. Or it can be shaken prior to use.



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Does your doctor tell you that your thyorid is OK? Part 1 thyroiditis

your thyroid

thyroid auto-immune disease is a common problem

A friend had almost every symptom of low thyroid. You know, low metabolism. cold hands, slow thinking, etc.  She asked multiple doctors to test her thyroid. Normal. Then somebody added third generation TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone for the uninitiated).  Another doctor gave an intravenous of thyrotropin (what the brain uses to tell the pituitary gland to make the thyroid work harder) and measured whether the TSH and T4 rose appropriately. Still not definitive. After several years of trolling the internet back in the days of Altavista, she  found something about thyroid auto-antibodies. This was before there was so much junk and so-called relevant content.

Auto-what you may be asking…good question! I predict auto-antibodies will become part of the lexicon of sick people without a diagnosis in a couple of years. Remember hypoglycemia, Candida and hypothyroid? Those were the conditions in decades past everybody had but arrogant doctors refused to consider them. BTW, these conditions have not just resolved them selves. It just turns out they are just pieces of a toxic, confusing puzzle.  Hypoglycemia and Candida are definitely problems but they are not the only problem and not even the primary problem for most people.

Back to auto-antibodies. Auto is the prefix for self. Think auto-pilot or automatic. For some reason the body attacks its own organs. Rheumatic fever is the best known. For some reason. Never explaineded by “modern medicine” (really is anything?) the body to attack the heart valves. But there are many other examples of this process. Thyroiditis is a condition where the immune system attacks the thyroid gland. The patient sited had told the doctors that she felt something burning, choking in her throat. They said she was hysterical. Thyroiditis can produce both symptoms of diminished or excessive thyroid function depending on which stage of destruction of the thyroid gland. Lupus, colitis and rheumatoid arthritis are other examples of auto-immune diseases.

I encourage everybody who is in sub-optimal health without a clear reason to request an anti-thyroglobulin and anti-thyroid peroxidase anti-body tests. And in the mean time, please try an iodine supplement. YOu can purchase a high quality, economical professional grade iodine supplement by clicking on the link at the right. Enter patient pass-code: dialog and practitioner zip code 89120.

In healing, Dr. Marge

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Are you eating sunblock, before you say “No way!” read the label

TiO2Do you like cream filled cakes, coffee creamers or white chocolate? Do you take supplements or medications that are clean white capsules or tablets?

there use nano technology, which we’ll discuss later, the head’s up is it’s not known whether it’s safe). Do you want to eat sunblock? Beyond the yuck reflex here is study that shows it can cause DNA damage in mice

This is the official list of what foods allow titanium dioxide. It’s officially called GSFA or general safe food additive and can be present in foods labelled GMP or good marketing procedure. Like insect fragment, mold traces and less than 10 parts per million of lead, titanium dioxide is one of those things that the government allows but most of us would rather not have in our food.

Please, please always read labels, even if you don’t understand the ingredients. We really shouldn’t eat things that we don’t understand or can’t pronounce. This is especially true for self-proclaimed heart healthy, low fat or other marketing terms.

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Inexpensive forgotten nutrient for breast cyst, thyroid, ovary, heart and many other problems

iodine supplement for thyroid, breast, heart, ovary health and more

Most people are severely iodine deficient

With an epidemic of breast and ovarian cysts, confusing thyroid disorders, heart arrhythmias and strokes new attention is finally being paid to iodine. Everybody thought they got their iodine from salt, This may be partially true but still many people are iodine deficient. The use of chlorine in water and bromide in foods can create a relative deficiency of iodine. The three elements compete because they have a similar structure. Also because of discharges from nuclear power plants, more radioactive iodine is competing with natural iodine.

I would love to tell everybody just to eat more fish and seaweed but these foods may be contaminated. Much of the fish contains mercury and PCB’s. Seaweeds may have the same toxins.

Iodine supplements are not expensive. Start with a very low dose in case of an iodine allergy. If there is no reaction, you may wish to increase the dose slowly. The RDA for iodine is 150 micro grams, which is very small. It is likely most of us have been deficient for 10, 20, 30 or 40 years, so larger doses may be necessary.

There is an absolute epidemic of thyroid problems. It’s not just a case of too high or too low. Iodine deficiency can completely derail thyroid function. There has been a proliferation of medical tests to “accurately” diagnose thyroid disorders. But with iodine deficiency the thyroid does not react properly. If you suspect you have a thyroid imbalance or if you have a variety of unrelated symptoms and your doctor thinks you have mental issues or are just a complainer, please try iodine supplementation before subjecting yourself to anything more exotic.

I will go over thyroid  disorders in another post. For an inexpensive, effective iodine supplement, please click the link on the right to go to the dispensary. Remember the patient pass-code is: dialog   and the practitioner zip code is 89120.

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Nutmeg State says NO to GMO

Congratulations to the Nutmeg State for being the first in the nation to pass a bill requiring labeling of GMO containing products. This is huge but unfortunately due to concerns over law suits from those big evil GMO producers the bill will not become effective until a few neighboring states also pass GMO labeling bills. Maine is going to be number 2. ext week we will see if New York makes 3.
Not a moment too soon! There is evidence that Round-Up(glyphosate), the pesticide that GMO’ crops are engineered to resist can cause breast cancer in minute quantities. The GMO crops can withstand large doses of this cancer feeding poison. Until we have GMO labelling, buy organic or avoid the current GMO’s : soy, canola, corn, cotton seed oil, sugar beets and zucchini. Non-organic meat and dairy will generally have been fed GMO soy and corn so if probably contains GMO as well.

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Some simple help for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Glutamine

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Glutamine in brain neurochemistry

It sounds too easy. When you’re used to spending $200 a month on supplements, a $10 bottle seems like it can’t possibly work.

But there is solid science behind glutamine. It can be purchased in most health food stores. It can be started with 1/4 teaspoon and proceeded to 1/2 teaspoon twice per day and more. There is a very high safety profile. Some patients report awakening with much less trigger point pain and increased exercise tolerance.

Now one must remember with amino acids that they must be taken on an empty stomach and possibly with a little sugar or sweetened. Eating protein with amino acids will dilute the effect. Proteins contain a mix aof amino acids. But a sinlge amino acid can get “lost” in the combination of amino acids present in simple protein foods.

Taking sugar with the amino acid with stimulate insulin and speed the absorption but it’s not good to endorse eats simple sugars.

Please give this a try. It is a small investment.

Can this help CFIDS?

amine can also improve intestinal function so you get a bonus there.



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